open for lunch 12till 14;30 all week

All soups freshly prepared and served with Turkish bread
Lentil Soup (v)£3.50Add +
Tomato Soup (v)£3.50Add +
Mixed Salad (v)£5.00Add +Tomatoes, cucumber, onions and parsley, lemon juice and salad dressing
Tomato & Mozzarella Salad (v)£4.50Add +Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and olive oil
Greek Salad (v)£4.00Add +Feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, olives, fresh salad and olive oil dressing
Potato Kaftesi (v)£4.50Add +Shredded potatoes, onion, fresh herbs, peppers, dipped in breadcrumbs and deep fried
Borek (v)
£4.50Add +
Filo pastry rolled with feta cheese, parsley and deep fried
Sucuk£5.50Add +Special Turkish spicy sausage pan fried with fresh tomatoes and peppers
Calamari Starter
£6.00Add +
Deep fried, served with seasonal salad and skordalia sauce
King Prawns£6.95Add +Sauteed in garlic butter, white wine, cream and pan fried
Whitebait£5.95Add +Deep fried, served with seasonal salad and skordalia sauce
Falafel (v)
£4.50Add +
Chickpea rissoles (a middle-eastern delicacy)
Halloumi (v)
£5.50Add +
Traditional Cypriot cheese, served grilled
Saksuka (v)£5.50Add +Sauteed cubed aubergine, potatoes, carrots, green peppers and courgette. Served with tomato and garlic sauce and topped with yoghurt
Starter Sharing Plates
Mixed Meze (For Two)
£15.00Add +
Halloumi cheese, potatoes, kofte, falafel, cacik, hummus, sucuk, olives and Turkish bread
Main Courses - Chicken
Chicken Shish Kebab£12.00Add +Skewer of marinated chicken, BBQ cooked, served with chips and dips
Chicken Wings£12.00Add +Skewer of marinated wings, BBQ cooked, served with chips and dips
Chicken Mediterranean£12.50Add +Spicy chicken cutlets pan fried with peppers, mushrooms, garlic and herbs, served with Turkish rice
Chicken Hydra
£12.00Add +
Chicken cubes cooked with white wine, fresh cream, mushrooms, onions and mustard
Chicken Sote£13.00Add +Chicken cubes cooked with peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, aubergine in the oven in a rich tomato sauce, served with chips
Main Courses - Lamb
Adana£13.00Add +A skewer of minced lamb, BBQ cooked, served with chips and dips
£15.00Add +
Joint of lamb slowly cooked in the oven with oregano, garlic and herbs, served with Turkish rice
Lamb Steak£15.00Add +BBQ cooked, served with chips and dips
Lamb Chops£15.00Add +BBQ cooked, served with chips and dips
Lamb Shish£14.00Add +Skewer of marinated lamb, BBQ cooked, served with chips and dips
Lamb Moussaka£12.00Add +Layers of aubergine, courgettes, potatoes and minced lamb topped with bechamel sauce, oven cooked and served with chips
Lamb Sote£13.00Add +Lamb cubes cooked with tomatoes, pepper, mushrooms, aubergine, onions, oven cooked, served with chips
Meat Balls£12.00Add +Aubergine, peppers, potatoes and fresh tomatoes cooked with meatballs with melted cheese, oven cooked, served with chips
Main Courses - Seafood
£12.00Add +
Fresh salmon, marinated in olive oil, lime juice, BBQ cooked, served with Turkish rice
Sea Bass Fillets£14.00Add +Fresh sea bass fillets, BBQ cooked with lemon and olive oil, served with Turkish rice
Sword Fish£14.00Add +BBQ cooked with herbs and olive oil, served with Turkish rice
Jumbo King Prawns£14.00Add +Pan fried with olive oil, garlic, peppers, fresh tomatoes, mushrooms and herbs, served with Turkish rice
Main Courses - Beef
Spicy Beef£13.00Add +(Guvec). Diced beef, marinated pan fried with rich tomato sauce, onions and peppers, served with Turkish rice
Pepper Steak£15.00Add +BBQ cooked, served with chips
Main Courses - Vegetarian
Briam (v)
£11.00Add +
Roasted aubergine casserole, potatoes, tomato and peppers in a savoury sauce, served with rice or chips
Turkish Vegetable Sote (v)£13.00Add +Cooked cubes of peppers, aubergine, courgettes, tomatoes and mushrooms in a rich tomato sauce, oven cooked, served with rice or chips
Vegetarian Moussaka (v)£12.45Add +Layers of aubergine, courgettes and potatoes topped with bechemel sauce and oven baked, served with rice or chips
Meal Offers
Ephesus Special For 2 People£30.00Add +First course-mixed starters, halloumi cheese, potatoes, kofte, falafel, cacik, hummus, sucuk, olives and Turkish bread. Second courses-mixed grill; adana, lamb shish, chicken, lamb chops and chicken wings, served with chips, rice and dips
Children's Menu
Kids Sucuk£6.50Add +Served with chips and dips
Kids Chicken Nuggets£6.00Add +Served with chips and dips
Kids Fish Fingers£6.50Add +Served with chips and dips
Kids Chicken Wings£6.00Add +Served with chips and dips
Baklava£4.95Add +Served with ice cream
Cheese Cake£4.95Add +
Ice Cream£3.95Add +
Efes£2.95Add +
Mythos£2.95Add +
Peroni£2.95Add +
Bacardi£2.50Add +
Vodka£2.50Add +
Gin£2.50Add +
Southern Comfort£2.50Add +
Malibu£2.50Add +
Archers£2.50Add +
Raki£2.95Add +
Ouzo£2.95Add +
Brandy£2.95Add +(25cl)
Whisky£2.50Add +(25cl)
House Wines
Versare Sauvignon Blanc Italy£3.25Add +A famous white wine produced in the Veneto region, in North-East Italy. This wine is straw yellow coloured, has a dry and harmonious flavour and an attractive bouquet
Versare Chardonnay Italy£3.25Add +Versare Chardonnay is smooth and satisfying with a fruity nose and an excellent vanilla bouquet. With its gentle acidity, it's ideal with food, but also an excellent aperitif
Versare Merlot Italy£3.25Add +A ruby red, this Merlot has typical and elegant aromas of violets, plums and red fruits. It has a medium fresh bouquet with good balance and structure
Versare Rosé Italy£3.25Add +Cherry red colour with glints of coral, this wine has a delicious aroma of strawberries and red berries
Sambuca£2.50Add +
Tia Maria£2.50Add +
Baileys£2.50Add +
Amaretto£2.50Add +
Cointreau£2.50Add +
Drambule£2.50Add +
Soft Drinks
Glass£1.75Add +
Turkish Wines
Villa Doluca Klasik£12.95Add +A balanced blend of Sultaniye grapes with yield fruity, refreshing and crisp wines and juicy Semillon grapes with a delicate aroma. Villa Doluca White Wine, is a crisp, refreshing light white wine with strong acidity. Villa Doluca White wine invokes the aromas of pineapple, grapefruit, green apple and lemon
Kavaklidere Classic Series Turkey£12.95Add +Yakut Red Wine - ruby red in appearance with definitive, cherry and strawberry aromas on the nose. Excellent fruit flavours and ripe tanners contribute to a pleasant, velvety finish
White Wines
Cullinan View Chemin Blanc (South Africa)£13.95Add +Cullinan view Chenin Blanc, South Africa’s most popular grape variety. Youthful, fruity character and a fresh, zesty acidity. Very well balanced wine.
Yarra Brook Chardonnay (Australia)£13.95Add +A creamy mid palate softness is balanced by fine natural acidity.
Vinuva Pinot Grigio (Italy)£14.95Add +Delicately flavoured with notes of green apple and pear, the palate is un-oaked and refreshing.
Cuvee Jean Paul Medium (France)£13.95Add +Deliciously fresh, fragrant nose is followed by ripe, green fruit on the palate to create a lasting finish. Smooth and well balanced, this is an uncomplicated easy-drinking medium dry white wine.
Waipara Hills Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)£18.95Add +Lifted tropical fruits of mango and papaya are balanced with fresh nettles and snow peas. Wonderfully fruit sweet and rich with a crisp refreshing finish.Sourced from the Awatere Valleys of Marlborough.
Rose Wines
Whispering Hills White Zinfandel (USA)£13.95Add +A beautiful deep salmon pink coloured wine with loads of fresh summer fruits flavours.
Vinuva Pinot Grigio Rose (Italy)£13.95Add +This delicate pink wine is full of fresh, summer-fruit aromas and flavours. Vinuva made this rose by using the pink-skinned Pinot Grigio grapes and vinified it to be just off-dry.
Red Wines
White Sands Pinotage (South Africa)£13.95Add +Lovely and ripe with creamy notes and a soft spicy texture.
Yarra Brook Shiraz (Australia)£13.95Add +Mulberry, plum and red fruits alongside spicy black pepper, subtle oak and herbal notes of sage and thyme.
Vignoble De Sud Merlot (France)£14.95Add +Well structured, easy drinking Merlot with nice ripe soft fruit.
Vina Alcorta Rioja Crianza (Spain)£16.95Add +Bright cherry red with varietal aromas of red berry fruit aromas. A classic award winning wine from arguably Spain's top wine region.
Waipara Hills Pinot Noir (New Zealand)£19.95Add +Rich dark cherry, chocolate and dried spice. A big brooding nose with a layer of complex dark cherry. Aged in oak barrels for 8 months this 100% Pinot Noir pulls all the flavours together packing a powerful punch.
Santa Orsola Prosecco Italy£17.95Add +Made from 100% Prosecco grown in the Veneto region of north-east Italy with its particularly mild climate. Fine, persistent, soft fizz surrounds the typical fruit spectrum of apples, pears with a hint of peach
Louis Dornier Champagne France£34.95Add +A light, fresh, vigorously youthful Champagne with a fine, elegant, slightly lemony nose
Single Serve Sparkling
Di Maria Prosecco Italy£4.95Add +Dry, not too floral but unmistakably delicious Prosecco, fine mousse and a delightful pale straw colour
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